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John Calcano
United States
Current Residence: Provo. Ut
Favourite genre of music: Disco.
Favourite cartoon character: Plucky Duck from Tiny Toon Adventures.


Growth Period - Dr Theodore Bailey Model by Atariboy2600
Growth Period - Dr Theodore Bailey Model
And now the father comes into the picture. I model him from a great actor name 'Craig T. Nelson' you may know Mr Nelson from movie Poltergeist as the father,  TV series Coach and the voice of  Mr. Incredible in The Incredibles and in fact I took his middle name as his first name and yes he's a doctor. But why is he wearing Bermuda shorts and flip flops? Who cares its the 80s and living in the sunny California its really hot out there and also he gets a lot of calls at the ER in the world where all females can muscle grow and many of them has some 'Growth Period' where they can't control there FMG there will be some "accidents" and most of the hurt are at the male side and Dr.T treated their pain.

Growth Period - Stella Model
Growth Period - Dave Model (Stella's Boyfriend)
Growth Period - Pam Model (Stella best friend)
Growth Period - Mrs. Carl Bailey Model (Stella's Mother)
Growth Period - The Twins Model (Stella's twin sisters)

Growth Period - Teaser Trailer Poster.
Growth Period - Characters Extras.
Growth Period - Characters Extras Part II.
Growth Period - Sketch Storyboard.
Lorelei, She's Out Of My Control.
Ooh Pretty. (Stella pencil art)
Making Of Mice At Play.
I just did this to kill some time and to also to focus on a big project that I'm about to be doing for some months, can't tell you yet but if I pull this off right it will be huge. But in the mean time heres a step by step on how I did on a Might and Francesca in there not so little fight at a city.

Francesca Goldberg & Might the Mouse © :iconredsilverartist:

Links below on the full image of the pics

Mice At Play.
Francesca Vs Might - Midnight Edition. (Mice At Play NSFW)
Massive Cuties Movie Matinee. by Atariboy2600
Massive Cuties Movie Matinee.
Its not everyday I draw in th style of realism art or some what close to it at the case of my Massive Cuties as what if there where real human being. Now let face it Im am no where near as good as other artist like David Matthews
and his Incredible art works on buff females but that said here's my take on them as they are head it off to a afternoon matinee. See if you can guest what film it's playing.

BTW I drew them on Gimp and took like lest the a day.

Here some Info on the three girls.

    * Name:  Mindy
    * POB: California, USA
    * Age: 25
    * Hair: Blond
    * Name:  Hilda
    * POB: Belgium, Germany
    * Age: 21
    * Hair: Black

    * Name:  Firen
    * POB: London, England
    * Age: 27
    * Hair: Red

 Check out there gallery if you need to see more ->…
Massive Cuties Title Card. by Atariboy2600
Massive Cuties Title Card.
This is just me killing time and was wondering how a Massve Cuties title card would look like if it was made for say a anime tv show of a japanese game and what will the title screen would look and I do have 100s of japanese games from Super Famicom, Mega Drive, GBA and even Playstation and so on. So I use many of the title screen as references and jts wanted to see how you guys like it.

I drew all on Inkscape vector. And took me like an hour.

BTW I use the logo on my last Cuties comic ---> Massive Cuties Full Colored Comic.
Massive Cuties Full Colored Comic. by Atariboy2600
Massive Cuties Full Colored Comic.
Man I had not done a full colored comic in many moons and its was abit longer then it should had but I still like to see them in there fully colored and I really hope you like it, and if so maybe Ill do more of it. Anyway on this comic it seem that Nolan came back in the piture and for his back story on him Im doing a FLASH back kind of a comic on how the girls got there size from his experiment. So stay tune on that. If you dont know who Nolan before he's the guy that in the middle of this group hug ---> Under Pressure.

Dont mind the grammar and or spelling its just who I am.

UPDATED: Both spelling and grammer fix, "Terribly" sorry. "repaired". "whole TOILET". sentence "I don't care which, it's all good."

Massive Cuties Mini Comic no 7. -…
Massive Cuties Mini Comic no 6. -…
Massive Cuties Mini Comic no 5. -…
Massive Cuties Not-So-Mini Comic no 4. -…
Massive Cuties Mini Comic no 3. -…
Massive Cuties Mini Comic no 2. -…  
Massive Cuties Mini Comic no 1. -…

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