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John Calcano
United States
Current Residence: Provo. Ut
Favourite genre of music: Disco.
Favourite cartoon character: Plucky Duck from Tiny Toon Adventures.


Akiko Daimon - Damn Girl! by Atariboy2600
Akiko Daimon - Damn Girl!
The best song to describe Akiko is  Sexy Chick by David Guetta -->…

Anyway I just yesterday I know know about her from just browseing and when I saw how many fan art on her I mean DAMN! I never knew she's that huge in one way or an other I mean there is so many artist drew her that I was out of the loop. Well damn I need to fix that so I it took me like 5 hours on Gimp to color this pic. Hope you and elee0228 likes my take on her^_^

A Fanart gift for :iconelee0228:
Chestbusters - Stay-Yiff Roxikat. by Atariboy2600
Chestbusters - Stay-Yiff Roxikat.
Dr. Wed: The choice is made. The Traveller has come.
Zig Zag: We didn't choose anything! I didn't think of an image, did you?
Portia: No.
Rena: Hell NO!
Zig Zag: I didnt think of any... thing... (Turns to look at Mellany)
Mellany: (guilty) I couldn't help it! It just popped in there!
Zig Zag: What? What popped in there?
Mellany: I try to think...
Portia: LoooooK!
Mellany: It's ... It's ... It's the STAY-YIFF Roxikat.

Here's a pic that I never posted on DA and forgot to do so back in 08 but hey now you got to see it, your welcome.

Zig Zag © :iconmaxblackrabbit:
Portia © :iconfurryportia:
Rena © :iconronaldosantana:
Mellany Mellons © :iconeltonpot:
Roxikat © :iconroxikat:

Chestbusters - Uncensored Edition.
Chestbusters - Uncensored Edition. by Atariboy2600
Chestbusters - Uncensored Edition.
"He slimed me."
"Nice shootin' Tex."
"Dont cross the streams!"
"Who brought the dog?"
"Yes its true, this man has no dick."
"Go Get Her!"

Sorry for repeat of the same joke from the old post but hey its still funny.^_^

Way back in 2006 I drew this as a fan art and then in January 31, 2008 I posted it here at DA as a Ghostbusters satire title Chestbusters Censored Edition. and star four of my fave female furs Portia, Zig Zag, Mellany and Rena as Chestbusters! Plus three others like  Dr. Wednesday as Gozer, Iridium and Blastgoggles as The Keymaster and Gate Keeper. Back then I cover up some of there body parts for fear of being pull down but now its 2014 and I think its safe for me to post the none cover pic. And just in time for the 30th Anv of the real film and its almost Halloween. Hope you like it.

Copyrighted cast as listed:

Zig Zag © :iconmaxblackrabbit:
Portia © :iconfurryportia:
Rena © :iconronaldosantana:
Mellany Mellons © :iconeltonpot:
Dr. Wednesday © :icondarkaldebaran:
Iridium © :iconiridiumwolf:
Blastgoggle © Blastgoggle [link] (FA Link)

UPDATED: Dr. Wednesday, Iridium and Blastgoggles erections are down for DA sake.
Growth Period - Pablo Esteva Model. by Atariboy2600
Growth Period - Pablo Esteva Model.
In every good story there had to be a villain that everyone can see right off the bat and what better role for a villain is a CEO of a big company and in this case it's a CEO of a closing inc that makes outfits for females that muscle grow and that dose not rip apart. Mr. Pablo Esteva was once a 10 time champion wrestler but not just any wrestler but a  lucha libre and who better know about wearing outfits that stretch. He's one of few  males that did not get full effect of the drug that did not suppress the male hormone that help end all wars and remain a normal and very aggressive male dominance that will play the a key role on the story plot.

I grew up seeing them at the house whole and I like the way there ware those  lucha libre mask and I wanted him to be one and also to have a epic fight with Stella in the story. Also I model him form one other great actor that if he was alive and do the voice of Pablo it had to be Ricardo Montalbán I mean come on why not have Khan's voice talking insults at Stella. Anyway I cant give out to much info on the plot but let just its enough for having Stella fight him at the end.

Growth Period - Stella Model
Growth Period - Dave Model (Stella's Boyfriend)
Growth Period - Pam Model (Stella best friend)
Growth Period - Mrs. Carl Bailey Model (Stella's Mother)
Growth Period - The Twins Model (Stella's twin sisters)
Growth Period - Dr Theodore Bailey Model (Stella's Father)

Growth Period - Teaser Trailer Poster.
Growth Period - Characters Extras.
Growth Period - Characters Extras Part II.
Growth Period - Sketch Storyboard.
Lorelei, She's Out Of My Control.
Ooh Pretty. (Stella pencil art)
Welcome To The Jungle. by Atariboy2600
Welcome To The Jungle.
Back in Nov of 2012 I made this desktop pic for Keith as a gift, There based on Keith's hard dive nick names Ed, Rick and Hal (from 2001), I model there personality from my fave Three Stooges the elephant is Larry, rino is Moe and the hippo is Curly.  Anyway hope you like it and I posted ths oold one as a fuller as Im still under my top secret project Im still under taking. So I may be posting alot of older art works for the time being.

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