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January 23, 2005
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Mario The Renaissance Man by Atariboy2600 Mario The Renaissance Man by Atariboy2600
We seem them and played them for all our lifes from Atari 2600 to todays Xbox and Im talking about Video Game mascots, lets start with the first super star in the 1980 we seen there Official Game mascot like Namco's Pacman made it self a huge super-star and made things like Toys, t-shirt and even cartoon show but then came Mario in 1981 Donkey Kong and then it has a life of its own. After many Super Mario games Nintendo made Mario its Big N mascot and then came Sega's Sonic and trying to un-seat the Mario's Mascot's Kingdom! But after many years of "The Console Wars" with both Nindendo's Super NES and Sega's Genesis in a no hold-bars Mario vs. Sonic with funny cacth frase like Sega's "Ninten-dont" and Nintendo's "Gen-isn't" in the end Mario came out the winner and to making it worst for Sega they made Soinc game for Nintendo's consoles... Well here's my take on who's the king of video gaming baby!

So how does an ordinary Italian from Brooklyn reach international superstar status? Well lets look at his past jobs,

A Carpenter - from Donkey Kong 1981.
A Jailer - from Donkey Kong JR 1982.
A Plubmer - from Super Mario Bros 1985.
A Ariplane Piolt - from Super Mario Land 1989.
A Doctor- from Dr.Mario 1990.
A Super Hero - from Super Mario World 1991.
A Golf Player - from Golf 1985.
A Feferee - from NES Punch-Out!! 1987.
A Painter - from Mario Paint 1992.
A Baker - from Yoshi's Cookie.
A Kart Racer - from Super Maio Kart 1991.
A Fighter - from Super Smash Bros 1997.

And so on and so on...
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I always hated Mario. I like sonic  better. but really I would choose luigi if I had to pick between Mario or luigi. I just don't like Mario that much.
SonicJasper20th Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Mario is the video game king, but Sonic is the underdog.
Great drawing.
ManOfEspeons Apr 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't you mean the Under "hog"?
SonicJasper20th Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No I don't mean under "hog". ._.
Mario is Epic but Sonic failed at everything nowdays
NintendoGamer5000 Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So.... many.... typos.... XD
best Video Game Character!
LycanLover501 Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mario is SO boss, more than that blue hedgehog...
"Gen-isnt" all the way.
Princessemeralds Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work. I love their expressions.
Tbh, I don't get why people hate sonic so much. I love them both, (I'll be honest I'm more of a sonic fan than mario, but I do love them) I don't get why there has to be a war about it
This cracked me up! Good work!
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